"Work" System

"Work" System

April 24, 2017

I have four systems that help me stay on track in my personal life and my business and my “work” system is the third in the series. As a mompreneur, I need to have a system in place for my business.  In this podcast, I discuss the four major methods that help keep my “work” system going!

Method #1. Ask yourself where you are going to work? You need to have a dedicated workspace so you aren’t moving your stuff from the kitchen table, to your bedroom floor, to your coffee table. Do you currently have a space set aside for your work? If not, where can you make a space?

Method #2. Decide how many hours you will work. Look at your goals to help you figure out how long it will take to reach them. Figure out how many hours you will work per week and then break that down to how many hours you will work each day. Write it down and block out the time! (Do that in the space below.)

Method #3. Determine the order of your tasks. I recommend doing big things first (for me that’s sewing but for you it might be writing your blog post, etc.) and then fill in with administrative tasks like checking email. Write down your top 3 tasks for your work day tomorrow. Pick when you’ll get those done and then fill in with the administrative stuff.

Method #4. Time your tasks. This makes it easier to know how much time you really need to work every week to accomplish your goals. If email takes 4 hours a day, you might decide you want to hire some help so you can focus on the bigger picture. 

Other tips:

Set Goals. Post them so you can see them and refer to them often. Look at them daily, weekly, monthly. Let them motivate you into action!

Be clear about your hours with your family, especially with your spouse. They need to be aware of their expectations while you are working. Communicate with them often, especially if your hours need to change.

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