Why Your 'where' Matters with Tiffny Hagan

Why Your 'where' Matters with Tiffny Hagan

Every email is a demand or request for your time, which is why having a system and boundaries around email are so important! Today, we are learning how to apply simple but powerful organizing tips to your email inbox. Tiffny Hagan of Virtual Office Advantage joins us to share her expert advice on tackling this digital clutter to get it under control once and for all.

Here are Tiffny’s 3 tips for making friends with your inbox:

  • Learn to love your “delete” key
    • Start with 10 minutes per day
    • Sort by sender to group like messages together
  • Unsubscribe to at least 5 emails per day
    • Before deleting, “unsubscribe” to anything you no longer want/read
  • Create folders and subfolders to organize the emails you want to keep/save
    • Name by client, sender, year, or topic (like “decorating”)

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