Why You Must Have a Website

Why You Must Have a Website

November 12, 2018

A lot of my coaching clients ask me, “Do I REALLY need a website?” Social media accounts are great and also helpful for your business, but a website will change your life AND your business!

Why a website is a MUST:

  • No excuse NOT to have one.

SO many platforms!

My favorite is Web Concentrate (please tell Travis I sent you!)

  • Cheapest way to get sales.

No travel, no fees, no commission (other than web hosting cost).

  • Least amount of “calories” for customers to get to you and buy.
  • You MUST gather emails… YOU OWN your email list and control that content!

Facebook owns your friends and can pull that power from you at any time).

  • Establishes legitimacy and stability as a business.
  • No competing with side bar ads.

How to get a website:

  • Set a goal for completion.
  • Decide if you want to build it yourself or hire out (don’t be afraid to ask friends, college students).
  • Pick your platform.
  • Get it done!

Favorite Website Educator:

We got this Encouragers!