Why the number 22 matters to me

Why the number 22 matters to me

I believe everything happens for a reason… and on my travels with Rebekah Scott Designs, I got to meet Chris with the DTOM22/0 Foundation where I learned of his mission to help eliminate veteran suicides through several methods, including using horse therapy on his veteran’s ranch. Because I grew up on a ranch, love horses, lost my oldest brother to suicide, and love to help others by giving back, I KNEW meeting him was no coincidence and I HAD to share this information with all of you so we can join Chris and help him make a difference and spread much needed awareness! 

Things to Know about DTOM22/0

  • Chris, the Founder and CEO, is a 7-year veteran of the United States Navy and through his personal struggles with several injuries, started this foundation to help our brave heroes that sacrifice so much.
  • The mission of DTOM22/0 is to lower the number of veteran suicides per year from 22 per day to zero. The 22 veterans and their circle of family and friends means 3,000 people are affected every day by these suicides.
  • The Ranch is located in Warner, South Dakota and is one of only 4 ranches in the US using a special horse therapy with great success.

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