Why I Threw My Planner Away

Why I Threw My Planner Away

August 26, 2019

I love the words “productivity” and “hacks” and my #1 productivity hack has allowed me to throw my planner in the garbage… it’s my weekly agenda sheet! It helps me stay organized, manage all my thoughts and tasks, and the BEST part is, I get to crumple it up and throw it away at the end of the week (who doesn’t love that)! 

Here is a link to a blank agenda sheet (so you can edit and print it off).

I print a crisp, new weekly agenda sheet every Friday and fill it in for the next week, which helps me hit the ground running right away Monday morning. If I have tasks that didn’t get done, I decide if they need to carry over to the next week or I give myself permission to let them go!  

I recommend having “themes” for each day and batching like-tasks together. This will keep you in the “zone” and helps keep you accountable.

Having a paper calendar at home helps me set boundaries for when I’m asked to do things. My canned response is “Let me check my calendar and let you know.” 

LEAVE BLANK SPACE where you can fill in random tasks and appointments OR intentionally leave them blank to allow for some down time! And don’t be tempted to make 20 lines per day… be realistic about how much you can get done in one day!

Include ALL THE THINGS… meals, the kids’ practices, budget items, errands, shopping list, sales goals, etc. so you have all the information you need for each day of the week.

In summary, this sheet allowed me to throw my planner away! I still use a monthly calendar and the occasional 4x6 index cards for ideas, but this single sheet gives me clarity, focus and momentum.

Let’s plan and conquer together.

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