What Website Metrics Matter with Clint Brown, Part 2

What Website Metrics Matter with Clint Brown, Part 2

If you have a website for your business, you’re going to want to listen to this podcast with my guest, Clint Brown. Honestly, you may need to listen to it twice! Clint will help us easily understand these website metrics and why they matter.

Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate

  • How many people added something to their cart but left without making a purchase
  • Ask yourself “why” to see if there are hitches for the customer before they get to the checkout process

Checkout Abandonment Rate

  • How many people leave your site without making a purchase but only AFTER they begin the checkout process
  • Ask yourself “why” to see if there are problems with the actual checkout process

Micro to Macro Conversion Rates

  • Small activities that lead to bigger activities

 Average Order Value (AOV)

  • Average price your customers pay for the items in their cart when they check out over a period of time

Sales Conversion Rates

  • How many people came to your website versus how many people bought
  • Convert over 1%

Customer Retention Rate

  • Percentage of customers you maintain over a period of time (2nd purchasers)
  • The higher this number, the better you’re doing in servicing your customers
  • Be sure to subtract your new customers when calculating this figure

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

  • The total amount you earn from your customers over the length of their relationship with you

Repeat Customer Rate

  • What percentage of your customers have made multiple purchases
  • Measurement of how well you service your customers (if you do it well, they’ll be back)

Refund and Return Rate

  • Can be a problem for ecommerce websites (want this number REALLY low)
  • Easy and free returns or exchanges can alleviate worries of buyer’s remorse and entice customers to purchase now
  • Investigate why these are happening and try to fix the issues 

Ecommerce Churn Rate

  • Tracks the turnover of your customers or how many customers you lose over a period of time
  • Work on delighting your customers, as it’s always easier to resell to a current customer than gain a new one

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