Identity and the Comparison Thief with Adam and Becky Weber

Identity and the Comparison Thief with Adam and Becky Weber

How many of us feel our identities are tied up in our kids, our job, or something else? As we enter the holiday season, we are surrounded with messages of thankfulness and joy… but what happens when we don’t feel that way? I talk with Adam and Becky Weber about how comparison is stealing our joy, peace and gratitude and what we can do to reclaim our identities and feel these amazing emotions again!

Here are some practical tips for finding your true identity and create awareness about the comparison thief in your life:

  • Unfollow/unsubscribe from anything or anyone that makes you feel bad, jealous, or less-than (social media, emails lists, magazine subscriptions, social groups, etc.).
  • Set boundaries to guard your heart if you know you struggle in a particular area, such as:
    • Use of your phone and technology
    • Going to stores/the mall
    • School/kids activities
  • Evaluate the reasons WHY you are using social media (or shopping, etc.).
  • Fill yourself up with things you know bring you joy and happiness so there’s no room for negative feelings.
  • Pray to ask God for a new perspective (celebrate that your friends got to celebrate their anniversary with a great vacation instead of being jealous).
  • Be more intentional about what you choose for your life.

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