Top 4 Things Parents Should Tell Themselves with Denita Dinger

Top 4 Things Parents Should Tell Themselves with Denita Dinger

March 12, 2018

One of our favorite guests, Denita Dinger, is back to talk to us about things we can do as parents to beat cabin fever and create adventurous opportunities for our kids! Denita is the owner of Kaleidoscope Play School, education consultant, defender of play, and empower-er of teachers. Warning: this may make you uncomfortable because Denita is going to call us out about a few things and give us the top 4 things we should tell ourselves as parents!

1. Get over it.

Children are 100% washable… just towel dry. They are going to make a mess! Own the fact that you had children, they are not perfect, and they are messy. Get over the mess. You will miss the messes someday! Love your children and love their mess! Make sure the products they have access to are washable.

2. Let your kids be bored.
You are a parent, NOT an entertainer. What comes out of boredom is often times genius, brilliance, confidence-bosting, empowering. Don’t entertain them with a screen or give them ideas of what to do. Make sure they have materials to play with that are boring (or passive) so they have to use their imagination and be active!

3. It won’t be perfect.
Let your kids own their own techniques. Once they discover an idea, let them try it (even though you know it may fail). There is value in failing and trying again. There is value in showing your kids you trust them and their idea.

4. There are many ways to do things right.
Don’t correct your kids all the time. Children will figure things out… ask yourself 2 things: are they hurting anyone and are they hurting anything? If not, let them try it their way.

Call them “materials” NOT toys!

Don’t shop in the toy store or toy section… think Home Depot, Lowes, Menards, the dollar store, etc. Denita purchases a lot of items at Discount School Supply

A few of Denita’s favorite products:
Baking Soda
Liquid Water Color
Dish Soap
Medicine Droppers (ask your local pharmacy for some)
No-Spill Paint Cups
Seasonings from the cupboard
Mixing supplies (bowls, cups, spoons, whisks, rolling pins, etc.)
Cardboard boxes (Go dumpster diving at your local appliance store!)
Cardboard screws
Play outside!!!
PVC pipes
Shop Vac (make sure it’s not too loud for little ears)
Cardboard tubes
Rain gutters
Keep it random and surprise them! 

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