Top 10 Time Saving Tips

Top 10 Time Saving Tips

June 4, 2018

We all have a LOT of roles to fill and no matter how efficient we are, we all only have 24 hours in a day. This is a constantly changing list, but here are my top 10 time saving tips at the moment.

Here they are, in no particular order:

  1. I lay out my clothes, both my workout clothes and my outfit for the day, the night before. (My kids do this too!)
  2. I do laundry ONE DAY per week. For me, it works best to do this on Monday and then I do linens (sheets, towels) on Tuesday. I wait and fold everything all at once and while I fold, I make a relationship-building phone call so it’s an enjoyable process!
  3. I meal plan daily. I plan breakfast, lunch, snacks and supper at 7:30 am.
  4. I block out every day (for more, listen to this podcast episode on blocking). I make sure my kids are aware of what is going on, which helps with their moods and behaviors. And for more info on schedules for kids, listen to this podcast episode.
  5. I shop online for clothes for myself and my family (and limit to 1 to 3 stores). This saves time with shopping! Write down your top 3 favorite stores and try limiting yourself to shopping at just these places… you’ll see how much less overwhelming it is to get the things you need!
  6. I run errands and make appointments ONE DAY a week. I’m so efficient at it now, that I actually get most of them done by noon. My errand day is Wednesday… what day of the week would work best for you to try?
  7. I block out my work hours so my family and staff know and can respect those boundaries. I have “theme days” for work to help me group tasks and get things done. I feel so accomplished when the day is over!
  8. I have an agenda sheet for each week that I print off and fill in every Sunday night. It helps me track my regular to-do’s and stay organized! Here is a blank one you can use to get you started!
  9. I sort my mail daily. Trash and shred the stuff you don’t need right away so it doesn’t clutter up your mind or your countertop. (For more, listen to this podcast on the Touch It Once Paper System.)
  10. I always ask for the earliest appointment possible (and I write down who the appointment is for, just in case I get confused and bring the wrong child!).

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