The Power of a Tally Mark

The Power of a Tally Mark


I’ve been talking about recording this podcast for a while now because making tally marks has made a large impact in my life and I know it can do the same for you! There is something SO GOOD about tracking things… it gives focus, momentum and encouragement about progress all while creating an inexpensive data system for yourself and your business!


Things I tally for my product-based business, Rebekah Scott Designs:

  • Quantity of business cards handed out
  • Quantity of emails to customers or about trunk shows
  • Quantity of purse and accessory sales
  • Show trends (watch for patterns and what they may tell you)
  • Anxious feelings (pay attention to where and why you are feeling this emotion)
  • Email addresses collected from a show/event


Things you could tally for easy and “cheap” education:

  • Sales, specifically which products
  • Business cards handed out with extra contact
  • Phone calls for prospects or events
  • Emails, specifically types of emails sent (sales, customer service, ordering)
    • This may give insight into which position you may need to hire next!
  • Social media posts (then watch performance metrics)



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