The Negativity Remedy with Guest Nicole Phillips

The Negativity Remedy with Guest Nicole Phillips

Speaker, author and podcast host Nicole Phillips joins us today to teach us about the transformative power of kindness through her newest book, “The Negativity Remedy – Unlocking More Joy, Less Stress, and Better Relationships through Kindness.” Join us to find out how we can use kindness to overcome all of life’s difficulties!


How to live an intentionally kind life and create more positive, graceful thought patterns:

  • Ask yourself “What am I thinking about?”
    • Hurry
    • Jury
    • Worry
  • Reject negative thoughts
  • Replace them with something positive and kind
  • Pause to give your brain time to process and choose the kind, calm reaction
  • Making positive changes will naturally repel negative people in your life
  • Everyone has a story and a unique brand of kindness!


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