The Most Important Meeting You Will Ever Have

The Most Important Meeting You Will Ever Have

September 23, 2019

If you think this is going to me a mic drop situation, you might be let down a little bit, as it’s not the sexiest thing... It’s a staff meeting! This meeting will help you (even if you’re a team of one right now) become more focused, driven, accountable and motivated when held regularly. The importance of scheduling this meeting cannot be overstated!

Have a bi-weekly meeting and once per quarter to plan and discuss the following items:

  • Open with prayer. Include your goals, your word for the year, and what you hope to accomplish during the meeting. Ask for His guidance over your weekly to do’s and overall vision for the business.
  • 1% reporting. What small change did you make in the last 2 weeks that will add up to huge percentages at the end of the year? These can be business related or personal and are a fun way for us to connect as a staff.
  • Email schedule. The marketing for RSD revolves around our marketing and promotional calendar (or the products, fabrics, shows that we are promoting that week) and email are scheduled to be sent every Sunday night for consistency. For more, listen to this podcast on how I 5x’d my business with this tool!
  • Website updates/changes. We make sure to change the website, especially our homepage banner, collections and footer features according to our weekly emails. You may have the “curse of knowledge” when it comes to your website so it’s important to get outside feedback! For more, listen to this podcast on why you need a website (or Etsy page, Facebook page, depending on your stage of business). 
  • Upcoming Sales and Marketing. This is for new sales, changes with marketing, different platforms, etc. 
  • Social Media Information. The GIANT! Social Media accounts for your business are a necessary evil and you don’t have to do ALL the platforms. Pick just one or two and focus on those so you can do them really well. For RSD, we focus on Facebook, Instagram, our email list, Etsy (a little bit) and think of new videos I can record for those platforms. For more on videos and how they can change your business, listen to this podcast.
  • Collaboration efforts. Do you need to reach out to other awesome business owners or influencers and do some collaborations or giveaways? Is it a charity you want to give back to? Sometimes sharing audiences can really expand your reach. Be sure to do research… do you have similar target markets? Do you have a clear agreement and contract for deliverables? Ask a lot of questions and over communicate so it’s a wise investment.
  • The Design Docket. This is my favorite part (big surprise)! I get to share what I’m working on with new designs, new fabrics, and new ideas. We sometimes focus on improving current products and services by sharing customer feedback/ideas (after all, one of our core values at RSD is quality and customer service so who better to help us figure out what is wanted than YOU, our amazing customers!). 
  • Other/Miscellaneous. Look at sales trends, look at staff needs, and discuss if anything else is needed to move the business forward.
  • Prayer requests. This is a great time for us to share what is on our hearts and get personal with one another. It’s also fun to see God move and answer prayers when we look back on what we asked of Him!
  • Ending Prayer. Since we open with God, we close with Him too. 

Plan on this meeting taking 1 hour and be sure if you are a staff of one, you schedule a phone call with a trusted friend who can help you out.

Here is a general meeting agenda outline you can use to create your own meeting agenda!

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