October 1, 2018

Everything starts with a dream… a vision… and a simple step. ACTION. I think “action” is simple and has been VERY important to me in my personal life and in my business, Rebekah Scott Designs. I just KNOW how to take action. And guess what… you can do it too! It’s just one foot in front of the other. Let’s go!

Empower (definition): give someone the authority or power to do something.

What ONE thing can you do to take action on your dream today?


What is your BIG IDEA and why haven’t you taken the steps to get there? What is holding you back? 


Pick ONE THING that you’ll do (one phone call, one email, one post, one coffee date) to work on your dream today! 


I give you authority, Encouragers! Let’s take ACTION!

We got this!