Surrendering and Prioritizing God’s Plan with guest Angie Klock

Surrendering and Prioritizing God’s Plan with guest Angie Klock

June 11, 2018

Through her 1-year-old daughter’s cancerous brain tumor diagnosis, a move for their family, and several major career changes, farm wife, mother of 5, Doctor of Physical Therapy, and children’s pastor Angie Klock joins us to talk about the importance of surrendering, managing fear, and trusting in God’s plan. 

Prioritize God, your spouse, and THEN your children.

When you experience God’s peace, it means you are in line with his plan. Learn that feeling and chase it within all areas of your life!

Ask “God… what are you teaching me today?”

Fear is really a lack of trust in God’s plan. It usually means you are fighting for control.

Surrendering is a daily (sometimes hourly) choice.

Make it clear with your kids that you and your spouse are on the same team and that you agree on ALL things!

To prioritize your spouse, look ahead and meet his needs (like making lunch in advance when he’s in the field). 

Greet your husband and children when they come home so they feel special!

Daily Habits for Success:

  • Read the Bible. Having an accountability partner(s) helps a LOT!
  • Get up early. Waking up before the kids helps prioritize time for ME.

I can’t do everything “well” so learning that life is about balance (and re-balance).

Choose your battles and ask yourself, “What is the heart behind this matter?”  Or ask yourself, “In the light of eternity, does this matter?”

Success is experiencing joy when you are where God wants you to be and using your talents to glorify Him!

Final takeaway: make God a part of your every day. Give Him the credit for the ants and the sunset. Speak His name in your household and watch what He does for you and your family!

Resource: Parent Cue app

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