Spousal Business Meeting with Nick Scott

Spousal Business Meeting with Nick Scott

March 18, 2019

Nothing says “love” like a business meeting with your spouse! HA! But seriously, Nick and I prioritize time once a month to talk about our calendars, budget, expectations, dreams, children, and more. With our busy lives, this meeting helps keep us on the same page and heading in the same direction.

To set up your own monthly business meeting with your spouse, follow these simple steps! If you are single, find a mentor and set up a time to meet with him or her so you stay on track.

Pick a date.
We meet the last Thursday of every month. We recommend picking the same date or day each month so it’s easier to schedule!

Have an agenda.
This doesn’t have to be fancy… we used to use an index card before upgrading to this agenda!

Remember your priorities.
We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to set priorities, write them down, and have a copy with you for your meeting. If you need help, listen to my earlier podcast on the subject!

Bring your calendars.
Whether it’s a paper calendar or a fancy phone app, we highly recommend having a calendar for your family, work, and social events. If your schedule is too full, go back to your priority list and decide what doesn’t make the cut. Don’t forget to schedule a date night!

Communicate your expectations.
Be honest with each other about your expectations. This can help eliminate fights before they even start!

Talk about your budget.
Eliminate money fights by getting on the same page with money by having a budget. We recommend Financial Peace University and the Every Dollar App by Dave Ramsey.

Remember your dreams and goals.
If you don’t prioritize talking about your dreams and goals, when will you talk about them? Don’t lose sight of the big picture by making a point to discuss this monthly.

Discuss your family.
We have four kids so they are a big part of our lives! We pick two things for each of our kids to work on (which we learned from the book The Gist). If you don’t have children, set these goals for each other instead!

Talk about your Love Languages.
The 5 Love Languages is a book by Gary Chapman that talks about how we all give and receive love. You can take a quiz here to find out your love language! We take this time to be honest with each other about our needs and whether or not we are getting enough of our love language spoken to us.

Repeat your vows.
What if we all said our “I do’s” to each other every month instead of once in a lifetime? If you can find a copy of your vows, look into each other’s eyes and repeat them to each other at the end of your meeting!

We got this Encouragers!