Saying No to Worldly Success

Saying No to Worldly Success

March 11, 2019

Kim Henderson joins me to talk about how her career success as an event planner led to some not-so-great “ah-ha” moments, causing her to leave her dream job to focus on her family and talks about how she still uses her God given talents. 

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What is your passion? 


Have you ever had some devastating “ah-ha” moments that have caused you to shift your focus?


Have you asked yourself the million-dollar question, “If you were making $1 million, would you still do the job”? Who are the people in your life that you can ask to be truthful about your situation? 


How can you scale success by your way and not the world’s way? How can you still use your God-given talents and gifts but use them His way and not yours?


Many times, we tell ourselves we must keep going. How can you embrace the word “surrender” and give it to God?


Dear Lord, please help us get off this hamster wheel… and BURN THE HAMSTER WHEEL 

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