Purpose Over Paycheck with guest Nycol Piekarski

Purpose Over Paycheck with guest Nycol Piekarski

February 4, 2019

Nycol and I go WAY back (to my church camp days) and she’s someone I admire so much that I will occasionally ask myself, “What would Nycol do?” As a servant of God, wife, and mom of three girls, Nycol has constantly sought God’s purpose for her life and joins us to talk about the importance of creating margin, making investments in 5 important areas, what ministry looks like at home, and that not all purposes have a paycheck.

What does “purpose over paycheck” mean to you? Write your thoughts below.


How are you making deposits in these five investments in YOUR life? Are these areas of your life balanced? If not, what can you do to shift your focus and create a healthier balance in your life?

  1. Spiritual
  2. Physical
  3. Intellectual
  4. Relational
  5. Financial 

Nycol’s final encouragement includes these four things:

  1. Know your passions and giftings (remember, not all passions have paychecks).
  2. Know your season of life and value that season.
  3. Identify ways to pair your passion with your season.
  4. Find someone who speaks truth to you.

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