My Best Home Practices

My Best Home Practices

September 2, 2019

I don’t necessarily separate my work-life from my home-life and, while I realize this may not work for everyone, I think it does for us because my best home practices keep things running smoothly and help harmonize the two. I’ve developed these over the last 12 years (since becoming a mom) and I know they can help you too!

I keep a small calendar so I have to limit the activities I put on there and I use a weekly agenda sheet to track my work and home tasks. For more on this, click here to listen to the first podcast in Series 9 and get access to a blank agenda sheet you can print and fill in for yourself!

I have themed days of the week to give me clarity and keep me from getting distracted. I make my family aware of my themed days also to keep us all organized. Here are two examples of theme days I’ve used for years now:

  • I run all of my errands on ONE DAY (for me, this is Wednesday). This eliminates the need to run to the store several times a week, which is a huge time waster (especially for us, as we live out in the country about 25 or 30 minutes from town). If my kids need something for school, they know to tell me before errand day!
  • I do all of the family’s laundry on ONE DAY. Okay… it’s actually two days. On Monday, I wash, dry, fold and put away all of the family’s clothes. On Tuesday, I wash all of the bed linens and towels.

My husband and I don’t allow our children to be involved in organized activities until they are 9 years old. I got this idea from a friend and it’s given us SO much freedom. We aren’t constantly on the road running to practices and games with the entire family and it’s awesome! I get that this is very counter-cultural so if your child is totally into something, then go for it and let them participate. It was the same way with our son, Gus, who is very athletic. Just know you don’t have to conform to being and doing ALL THE THINGS. 

I plan all of my meals by 7:30 am. By that time, I know what we’re having for lunch, after-school snack, and supper. I make sure I take the meat out to thaw or start the crock pot… whatever it is we are having, I prep as much as I can in advance so I don’t have to think about it again during the day and we aren’t in a panic when it’s 5pm and everyone is starving. Meal planning also helps me grocery shop and saves us money by not ordering out in a panic when I don’t have supper made!

I do a household “sort” every 6 week or so. I used to schedule this the last Friday of every month but now it’s a habit that I don’t need to put on the calendar. We go through the house and collect anything that needs to be thrown away, anything that we want to donate or give away, and we spend time putting our “keep” items away neatly. And each kiddo gets to decide these things for themselves! For more on this, click here and here to listen to our episodes with minimalist Joshua Becker.

I have quiet time to myself in the morning before my kiddos wake up. I exercise, read my Bible or devotional, and have some prayer time while I sip on my hot tea with honey. I think of this as a way to charge my battery. You would never want to start the day on a 35% charge. You won’t make it through the day the way you want to!

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