April 22, 2019

Having mentors in my life since starting my business, Rebekah Scott Designs, has been crucial for my personal and professional growth and honestly, is what led to me starting The Encourager Podcast. I LOVE the mentors and coaches I’ve had (and currently have) in my life and want to pass on my knowledge and expertise as much as humanly possible! Don’t have a mentor? Listen up to find out why you need to get one ASAP!

Mentoring means guiding someone on a journey or a path that you have once traveled.

Having a mentor allows me to save money, time and resources in areas I’m unfamiliar with.

Think of it as an investment in yourself (or as a way you can PAY YOURSELF!).

  • How much would I pay myself to learn to all I can from mentors?
  • How much is my time worth?
  • Will this mentorship give value to my every day and speak to my future?

Mentoring comes back 100-fold when you do the math!

5 Qualities of a Great Mentor or Coach:

  1. A true mentor relationship is based on mutual respect for both parties, meaning you cheer each other on 100%.
  2. Both sides offer value each time you meet.
  3. They feel passionate about growth and stability for your journey. Sometimes it’s not a growth year because of having a baby, work/life balance, etc. but they will still challenge/guide you through, keeping it level and stable.
  4. They assign homework, even if just mental homework! They may ask you to think on something and get back to them... or ask you to fill out three questions for yourself to look over and dream on.
  5. They have empathy for your stage of life, intricacies and your strengths. They won’t tell you to learn excel and do all your own taxes if you aren’t strong in math! Nor will they force you into writing/producing/making a number that will divorce your family!

Reasons Mentorship Gets a Bad Rap:

  • It sometimes feels like you have to fail in some way to need it.
  • You can’t “do it all” if you seek out a mentor and having one means admitting you can’t “be everything to everyone”.
  • It’s a serious time commitment.
  • It’s too much money for things you can’t implement or use.

The TRUTH is:

Mentorship is meant to aid you and progress you in the best version of yourself, without all the pitfalls you would take on your own! It will grow you more than you know to grow yourself... because they can see you from above and have been up the ladder already!

You May Need Mentoring If You Think:

  1.  “I can’t do that because I don’t know anyone else who has or could do this for me?” (You already know everybody you need to know, so even if they can’t answer it they may know someone who does!)
  2. “I need to do this on my own to prove myself or others that I can do it all!”
  3. “I am a one woman show.”
  4. “I feel so scattered it’s easier NOT to admit I need help and just drawn on my own ideas/pitfalls.”

The Upsides of Mentoring are:

  • You have someone holding you accountable.
  • You have someone who can recognize your dream and encourage you, even if you think you are not capable. They may see the underlying truths!
  • They help you avoid burnout because someone is helping you speed up or slow down, based on the rhythms that you may not even pick up on!
  • Advice that is not tied to their individual success. This means, they won’t take advantage of you. They are purely helping YOU succeed! 

Things to Remember:

  • Get over yourself! If you think you don’t need mentoring because you have nothing of value to offer or will appear too scattered-brained or don’t have what it takes to grow or don’t want to admit fear/faults or doubts, GET OVER YOURSELF!
  • The money and time will be worth it. EVERY. TIME. When you invest the dollars, you will listen. When you invest the time, you will implement it because you have skin in the game. This equals commitment to your dreams!

Because my coaches and mentors have done SO MUCH for me on my journey, I want to do the same for YOU! The newest way for us to connect is through my NEW Encourager Mastermind Group (click the link for more information and to sign up!)

Plan for this group to accelerate your growth, your goals and all the things you want in your life, so GET READY!

We got this Encouragers!