Meal Planning Made Easy with Alesha Berning, owner of Chaos to Calm

Meal Planning Made Easy with Alesha Berning, owner of Chaos to Calm

 May 11, 2020

During this season, we’re all eating at home more than ever before and many of us struggle with our “food system” or how we feed our family. My guest, Alesha Berning, owner of Chaos to Calm and author of “Calm the Fork Down”, joins us to discuss the importance of meal planning and talk about the workbook she created that will help you master the art of meal planning, stay within your budget, plan for the next meal and stop wasting food!


Alesha’s Tips for Meal Planning and Meal Prepping:

  • Plan to use what you already have so you don’t waste food
  • Post your plan where the family can see it (to stop the “what’s for supper” question)
  • Double your recipes and freeze what you can (especially taco meat, etc.)
  • Use Pinterest and Google to find fun new recipes


Helpful Links:

  • Alesha’s cleaning, organizing, and meal planning business Chaos to Calm
  • Download a FREE weekly menu and shopping list PDF here!
  • Pre-order Alesha’s meal prepping workbook “Calm the Fork Down” here!
  • Follow Chaos to Calm on Facebook


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