List with Purpose

List with Purpose

May 11, 2017

Setting goals is important but tracking them helps you stay motivated and on track! Today’s podcast is about goal setting and tracking and I’m interviewing Melissa Heckel, a work-from-home mom who is a full time freelance graphic designer and creator of the “List With Purpose Goal Tracker.” 

So, when it comes to goal setting, many of you have probably heard of the Michael Hyatt SMART goal system. The SMART acronym stands for:

S - Specific

M - Measurable

A - Actionable

R - Realistic

T - Time bound

While setting SMART goals is important, tracking them is necessary to see your progress and stay motivated! That’s what the List With Purpose does for you!

Born from her love of lists, the List With Purpose is a fancy goal-tracking list Melissa made to help her track her progress on her business, personal and family goals. (Click here to see an introduction video to the List With Purpose Goal Tracker.)  

It includes:

12 customized PDFs (one for each month)

            A theme or word for the year

            Business, personal and family goal sections

            Accountability for the goals and roles in your life!            

Bekah’s favorite goals:

            -Referring to my List With Purpose on a daily basis (game changer!) 

            -Business meeting with husband, Nick, once a month

Melissa’s favorite goals:

            -Mom date with her best friend every month

            -Talking to Grandparents once a month

            -Mommy/daughter dates with each of her girls