Letting Children Lead with Denita Dinger, Part 2

Letting Children Lead with Denita Dinger, Part 2

October 30, 2017

Encouragers, we hope you kept your capes on because we are going on part 2 of our adventure with Denita Hove Dinger, owner of Kaleidoscope Play School, education consultant, defender of play, and empower-er of teachers! She joins us to talk more about our precious kiddos, their amazing abilities to learn life skills (and more) through play, and to help parents learn how to empower their tiny humans to be courageous and persevere throughout their lives.

There is value in absolutely everything children choose to do. 

Child-led play teaches the following life skills:

Failure - Let them fail to figure out how they can succeed!

Perseverance - Don’t get so wrapped up in letters, colors, numbers… teach your

children self-regulation (the ability to resist and control our urges… for example,

waiting your turn) and perseverance (never giving up).

Conflict - Don’t be too quick to swoop in and stop or prevent conflict. Children

need conflict to learn!

Don’t beat yourself up about what you’ve done right or wrong. It’s about “better.”

Hand more ownership to your children.

Empowering words for kids:

“You can do it!”

“You didn’t give up!”

“Now we have a problem to solve!” Stop picking up our children’s messes… have

them clean it up.

“What is your plan?”

“I trust you.”

Stop complimenting your kids for every little thing they do! Throw “Good job” out the window. It teaches kids to be concerned about pleasing other people rather than doing something that feels right to them.

Use a flat tone and respond with words that are helpful. State what they are doing and let them know you see them. Acknowledge their victory but in a constructive way.

Kindergarten isn’t developmentally appropriate for most 5 year olds. If you decide not to send them, don’t say you “Held them back” but rather say that you are gifting them with an extra year so they are fully prepared.

Do children need pre-school before attending formal school? Denita says no.

The very best thing you can do is read books to your children and fill your home with conversation. The other thing you can do is expose them to playing with children their same age.

Children play their parents when they do dramatic play! Model writing for your children and take time to encourage them with your words!


We got this Encouragers!