Leaving a Legacy the Simple Way

Leaving a Legacy the Simple Way

January 21, 2019

We all want to create lasting memories for our children but they don’t always have to be elaborate, beachfront vacations (or cost anything at all)! Listen in as I share what my family does to help create lasting memories together and what we want to be known for in our community.

Some of the Scott family legacy builders include:

  • Journaling (I started with notebooks and have graduated to this!)
  • Scheduled memories (like taking walks, playing games, putting puzzles together… make these seasonal!)
  • Baking together (smell is strongly connected to memory, especially cinnamon rolls or chocolate chip cookies!)
  • Mommy and Daddy dates (one-on-one time)
  • Choosing family values and/or traits (Ours are honest, humble, and kind!)

If you had to choose three traits you want your family to embrace as your legacy, what would they be? (Nicholas and I based ours from the Beatitudes in the Bible… see Matthew 5:1-12.) Consider having these made into a crest or framed art so you see them often!


What are some of your most fond memories with your mom, dad, and siblings as a child? Could you implement some of these activities with your own family?


What action can you take this week in making the first steps for you and your family legacy? (going for walks, singing sings, cooking together, etc.) 


I hope you feel encouraged to brainstorm with your spouse or significant other to find ways that work for your family to build that crucial legacy!

We got this Encouragers!