Know Thyself

Know Thyself

September 9, 2019

I am obsessed with self-help and self-development because I believe you need to know who you are so you know where you can go. You need to discover more of who God specifically made you to be so you can utilize the gifts He gave you and discover what more He has in store!

The reason I can work at mach 10 speeds and continue to stay in my lane is because I have been studying myself for 20 years. I am obsessed with self-help and self-development, meaning “the act of deciding for yourself how to improve your skills and taking action to do this.”

If you’re listening to this podcast, you are already doing that!

The reason self-development is so important is because you will see more gains and less side-steps when you can more fully understand how you came to an answer or why you are making the decisions you are… because you know what works for YOU!

Ask yourself these questions and use these resources to become more self-aware:

Are you self-motivated or other-motivated?
Do you do best when you have an accountability buddy (other-motivated) or do you find you set deadlines even earlier than is required (self-motivated)? Neither is better than the other. You just need to know what motivates you so you can better set yourself up for success!

What is your Enneagram Type?
The Enneagram is a powerful tool for personal and collective transformation that has nine distinct types or strategies for relating to the self, to others, and the world. I highly recommend reading the book “The Road Back to You” by Ian Cron. You can take a test (there are LOTS of paid and free versions of this available online) or just read about each type and through the process of elimination, determine which type you are. 

What are your Top Five Strengths?
CliftonStrengths, a paid personality test, offers an online assessment you can take that will give you a personalized order of 34 different themes and insights or you can pay to receive your top 5 strengths only. (There are plenty of similar tests online that are free as well!) This assessment encourages you to focus on your strengths instead of improving your weaknesses. 

A Resource For Parents
I recently read the book “What am I Feeling” by Josh and Christi Straub and it comes with a poster called “The Feelings Chart” to help your kids identify and name their feelings (which helps validate their feelings as well). This has helped my kids recognize their own feeling and the feelings of others, which helps them empathize.

I can’t emphasize this enough… know thyself!

We got this Encouragers!