Kindergarten Prep with guest Sarah Jensen

Kindergarten Prep with guest Sarah Jensen

July 16, 2018

My favorite twin sister, Sarah, is back on the podcast to share her expert tips and favorite resources for preparing toddlers for kindergarten! Sarah is a junior kindergarten teacher and recently attended the Kindergarten Academy Conference and is excited to share what she learned with our listeners!

Some of Sarah’s Favorite Reading/Learning Apps

Screen Guidelines

  • Limit to 15 minutes of screen time at younger ages.
  • There are timer apps (like this one) for shutting of your phone to limit screen time.
  • By 6pm, Sarah all kids need to be off all screens/technology so their little brains can rest.

Encourage Sociability and Imagination

  • Try not to give your kids a phone when you’re out shopping to encourage eye contact and greeting people when out in public.
  • For more on this subject, listen to this podcast with Denita Dinger

Schedules with Kids

  • Sarah and I recommend picture/visual schedules for young kids so they know what is happening throughout the day.
  • For more on this topic, check out this podcast with Sarah!

Parent/Teacher Relationship Tips

  • Communication! Communication! Communication!
  • Figure out what the teacher prefers for communication (app, email, etc.) and use it.
  • Ask questions if you have them!
  • Tell teachers you appreciate them (and gift cards are always awesome)!
  • Remember, you BOTH want what is best for your kids!
  • Consider donating money or supplies (markers, play-doh, etc.) to the classroom for needed supplies (that teachers often have to pay for out of their own pockets).
  • Make sure kids can tie their shoes before they go to school! ;) 

Just Play

  • Google science experiments or give the kids supplies that are safe (flour, yeast, cornstarch) and let them learn by getting messy!
  • The BEST way to teach our kids is to let them play… and play WITH them!


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