A Marketing Plan to Save and Make You Money!

A Marketing Plan to Save and Make You Money!

When it comes to marketing, it’s easy to overcomplicate or oversimplify things. My best advice when it comes to marketing is to simply PLAN. The marketing plan I’m going to show you will save you time, make you more creative, AND it will equal a major increase in your sales!

Things your marketing plan should include:

  • One central Excel or Google Sheet document for tracking
  • Columns
    • Date – the day of the release or when your email gets sent out to your audience, be sure to look at upcoming holidays
    • Content – what you are promoting
    • VIPs/Perks – what special things are you doing for your VIP audience or repeat customers?
    • Notes – include prep work, supplies, photography info, etc.
    • Monthly Thing/Theme – holidays, seasonal themes, etc.
    • Giveaway – these create excitement and increase engagement with your audience
    • Codes – discounts or coupons (good to offer once in a while)
    • Other
      • Collaborations with other businesses
      • Social media campaign ideas
      • Email statistics
      • Sales information
    • Fill this out for TWO MONTHS worth of content
    • Moving forward, block at least 1 month at a time

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