How to Simply Organize Memories with Erin Geuke

How to Simply Organize Memories with Erin Geuke

April 2, 2018

Do you know how many teeth your kids have and when they grew in? Is the baby book,  photo album or scrapbook current with photos and notes from last week?  If you’re saying “yes” to these questions…. High five mama! If not, that’s okay because ME NEITHER! My friend Erin Geuke, who helps with the Encourager Facebook page, joins me to talk about systems for organizing photos, artwork and more!


Instead of doing baby books for my kids, I make “family yearbooks” on Shutterfly every year. In January, I upload 500-1,000 photos from the previous year and I let them design the book for me.  All I do is go in to edit the pages! I set goals to complete a certain number of pages each week or month until the book is complete (I used to get it done by February but now it’s more like April). I use a 50% off coupon before I order so I end up spending $150-160 (they have LOTS of size options so do whatever fits your budget).

Shutterfly App

You can download the Shutterfly app for free and get unlimited free prints (you just have to pay for shipping), unlimited free photo storage (bonus: you can set it up to automatically upload photos from your phone to the website so that step is done for you) plus other special offers!

Chatbooks App

My twin sister, Sarah, uses the Chatbooks app which creates “photo books for people who don’t have time to make photo books.” Take a second and watch this hilarious ad for them! It takes 30 seconds to set it up and it only costs $10! They will send you a reminder when they are about to print so you can make adjustments before the book is made. Sarah says it is super easy and fun!!


Erin saves some of the girls’ favorite outfits and makes sure she prints a photo of the girls wearing them. She puts everything in a gallon sized baggie and writes on the outside of the baggie with marker.


To help contain and organize artwork and school papers, try this project! Purchase a hanging file tote (or accordion file) for each child and label with their name. Make a hanging folder for each year and store the “keepers” inside. For more on this, here is a blog post we found with detailed instructions and a shopping list of supplies! For artwork they don’t want to keep, consider sending it to a relative or friend! People LOVE getting mail that isn’t a bill!


Erin uses an app or website called Burn Video that takes the videos or pictures from your phone and sends you a DVD of them within a few days! She stores them in a CD case to keep them safe.


I have a journal (right now, it’s just a composition notebook but I’m hoping to design and sell these on my website soon!) for each of my kids and every Thursday morning, I write a little paragraph to each child in their journal. I talk about what is going on, milestones reached, what we are working on, and finish up with a prayer for them. It’s only 7-8 lines so it doesn’t take long (about 30 minutes) and the kids LOVE them! They’ll get to take these with them when they leave home so these are my version of a baby book. :) 


I type a letter to my Grandmas every other week and include pictures of our family before I print them. I let them know what’s going on with our household and it’s my way of reaching out to them! I print 3 copies and send one to each grandma and I file the other one for myself as my family journal.


We know this can seem overwhelming but pick the things that are most important to you and try them out!  

We got this Encouragers!