How to Organize Paper and Emails with guest Tiffny Hagen

How to Organize Paper and Emails with guest Tiffny Hagen

April 9, 2018

She’s baaaack! Tiffny Hagan with Virtual Office Advantage joins us to talk about how to organize all of the paper and email clutter in our lives. I can’t say this enough… I use her systems in my business and personal life EVERY SINGLE DAY. Don’t miss this episode!

The “Touch It Once” Paper System

  • This system cuts down on the visual chaos and mental clutter that we all have!
  • It is EASY and ANYONE can do it!
  • We assign papers to a specific location and put them in their “end spot” where you need them and can find them!
  • For more on this system, listen to my first podcast with Tiffny here!

The Hagan Solution

  • This e-course was inspired by the Touch It Once Paper System.
  • Watch a short video every day and implement what you have learned.

Top 3 Tips to Clean Up your Email Inbox

  1. Unsubscribe from 5 emails/newsletters every day. In a week, your email volume will drastically decrease!
  2. If you don’t like to delete things, create folders for non-urgent items. If you date the folder for the following week and haven’t needed anything in it by then, delete the whole folder.
  3. Don’t leave every email in your inbox! Create folders on the left for groups or events and once you’ve read or responded, move the email to the folder so you know where it is and your inbox is cleaned up.

More on Email and Organizing

  • If you don’t like the features of your current email provider, don’t be afraid to switch!
  • Don’t use stacking trays to organize!
  • Use labels for more flexibility to change the look and feel of your system.
  • Be intentional about your time. Don’t check email when you first start working. Tackle your most important tasks first.
  • Be present. Tiffny doesn’t have email on her phone most of the time so she isn’t tempted to check it when she’s at her son’s basketball game.
  • Give yourself (and others) grace! You didn’t get to where you are overnight, and you aren’t going to get out of it overnight either! Ask for help if you need it!


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