How to Leave a Legacy with guest Jeremy Brown

How to Leave a Legacy with guest Jeremy Brown

September 17, 2018

Jeremy Brown, CEO of Throne Publishing Group, is the guy who helped me write and publish my book, “Equipped to Execute.” He and his team are extremely passionate about telling people’s stories and he’s joining me to talk about the importance of leaving a legacy for future generations and how to instill identity in your children by living YOUR OWN. Don’t miss this powerful episode!

The 3rd episode of my podcast was titled “Leaving a Legacy the Simple Way” and it’s one of the most downloaded episodes EVER! I wanted to take a deeper dive into the concept of legacies so I called in the perfect guest, Jeremy Brown.

In order to leave a legacy, Jeremy said you must:

  • Know who you are… Ask yourself “What is my story?”
  • Identify patterns, roles, and situations that repeat (it’s helpful to have another person involved in this process)
  • Ask yourself good questions like “How do I want to be remembered?”
  • Pick 4 words that represent who you are and the legacy you want to leave). The most powerful way to instill identity in your children is to live your own identity!
  • Speak affirmations/prayers/declarations out loud and realize the power of your words! (For more on this subject, check out my earlier podcast episode called “The Power of Words”!)

In order to give future generations of my family the best chance to succeed, you must:

  • Be who you truly are (and know your identity)!
  • Integrate into the world of your child and positively affirm their strengths and uniqueness (and as early as possible)!
    • Tell them things you love about them.
    • Find out what they like and encourage them in it.
    • We should follow our kids in the way God is leading them… not try to mold them into what WE think is best.
    • Let your kids into YOUR day too… Let them hear you speak things into your life and then follow up with how things turned out!

For more information on The Legacy Experience projects Jeremy and Brooke Brown are creating to share generational stories, please click here and contact them today! What an INCREDIBLE gift to give your family!

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