How to Grow Your Business

How to Grow Your Business

June 26, 2017

The amazing Clint Brown and Lauren Forsch from Alluvio join me to discuss ways to grow your business! Alluvio has helped me amp up my own business (38.7% growth in 2016) so I can’t speak highly enough about them! 

How to grow your business & your customer base.

No matter what size business you have, you need to:

- Know who your customers are.

- Know where to find more of them.

Your business is going to grow because you find more customers OR your existing customers are going to buy more product.

Take a moment to jot down some notes about your customers:

How to reinvest in your business.

What does this mean? It means taking money you could take home and buy a piece of equipment instead. Owners generally take home 5-10% for themselves.

Where are you comfortable? 

Clint’s rule of thumb is to pay yourself 5% commission after every show (or per deposit). Use the other 5% to market the next show or event.

What are you currently paying yourself? Does that number need to increase or decrease?

Clint and Lauren’s 10x10 Chart.

Don’t have a “single point of failure” strategy for finding customers. Try different strategies to see what works! Have a mix (see chart below) and track what you are doing so when you crack the code, you can repeat it!

More about Alluvio.

“Alluvio” is a Latin word for when a flood increases the size of your land and leaves behind rich soil. In biblical times, people in Africa would pray for the Nile to flood because it would fertilize their land. In our generation, we do flood control for everything and often businesses don’t prepare for the success they are pursuing and the flood of business kills them. Allivo wants the flood to enrich your business! (Isn’t this cool?!)

Alluvio has a heart and passion for “maker to market” clients.

Want to get in touch with them? 

Visit their website here:

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