How I Keep Things Simple

How I Keep Things Simple

May 6, 2019

Simplicity is such a beautiful word. As a wife, mother, and with our farm and our two businesses, my husband and I have had to simplify things in our home! My mom has always told me that my super skill is taking large concepts and simply acting on them so I want to share what tips, tricks and practices help keep things simple and keep me sane. 

My Top 9 Actions/Tips/Tricks/Practices to keep things simple (in no certain order)

  1. I plan breakfasts for the week and my family gets whatever is on the meal plan! This keeps me from being a short-order cook, helps keep us on budget, and makes my mornings easier since I know exactly what to make.
  2. I don’t keep a planner! (I know… GASP!) A big binder overwhelmed me and made me feel like one more thing to fill in. Instead, I have a monthly calendar that I fill in and a weekly agenda I use for repeated tasks. I enjoy marking things off my list and my favorite part of the week is tearing it up and throwing it in the garbage!
  3. I go through and sort things our house every 6 weeks or so and I enlist the kids to help with their belongings too (which means less guilt for me)! We have a basket for donations and a garbage bags for trash. This helps me see what clothes they are outgrowing (and what I may need to shop for), what toys they are playing with and helps us all feel less overwhelmed.
  4. We don’t enter the kids into activities until they are 9 years old. This one is HUGE. We live out in the country, so all the running back and forth is too much for us. We still explore their likes and find out what drives them, but mostly we let them play and use their imagination. It saves us gas money, has helped foster better sibling relationships and has been a game changer with helping our home life be less hectic.
  5. I use the Hagan Solution for paper organizing (for more, listen to this podcast episode). It’s a super easy, organized filing system that eliminates paper piles in our home! GAME CHANGER!
  6. Nick and I do our spousal business meeting every month (for more, listen to this podcast episode) and review it on Sunday night or Monday morning. It ensures we are on the same page for projects, our calendar and our family goals. Disclaimer: This isn’t always fun but the momentum and cohesiveness has changed our marriage for the better!
  7. I don’t check email until I have done about 3 task-related things. Sometimes this means I don’t check email until 11 am! This simplifies my list of to-dos and helps me cross off the important things before I check the “black hole” that email can be.
  8. I plan my marketing about 6 months in advance. It simplifies my creative brain by helping me organize my thoughts and have a plan (for more, listen to this episode).
  9. We don’t do school fundraisers. (I know… GASP AGAIN!) We give to the PTA at the beginning of the year and the kids know long in advance so there is less arguing with them. It simplifies our home life a LOT!

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