Having Family and Career Success with 5 Kiddos with guest Sarah Waltner

Having Family and Career Success with 5 Kiddos with guest Sarah Waltner

June 25, 2018

With a full-time job and 5 kiddos, Sarah Waltner is busy! Listen in as she shares how she does it all successfully and is creating a balanced and fun life for herself and her family!

Follow your Call.
While her heart is at home and she’s always wanted to be a stay at home mom, Sarah felt God calling her to stay with her career. She works full time at Raven Industries and loves her job! She says no matter what we do, God calls us to work with excellence!

Minutes matter!
Sarah is constantly trying to improve systems and efficiencies, both at work and in her home. She uses her commute time to help her think, process, keep in touch with people, and decompress from her day.

Guard your joy.
It’s so easy for Satan to rob our joy when he gets us to look at what we thought our life should be like. God’s grace has allowed me to love and pour into what I have and what He has given me!

Create white space.
Sarah and her family say “no” a LOT to create blank space in their calendar. Sarah and her family don’t commit to attending every single sporting event. Sunday’s are sacred for and they do our best to rest on that day. They have Friday Family Fun Night which means pizza for supper and movies, card games, family baseball game, or something similar.

Let kids be kids.
Waltner’s live on an acreage so they let their kids be kids… they get dirty, explore, and try new things. Sarah says our kids’ boredom is NOT our problem! It’s not our job to entertain our kids. Let kids “be” and help nurture their creativity and imagination. 

Sarah’s food system.
Waltner’s do a weekly food menu with a weekly trip to the grocery store. Stopping at the store after work when it’s busy is NOT a great option! Though she loves to cook, most meals aren’t fancy at this stage of life. Other household items (like shampoo, makeup, ketchup, etc.) are ordered from Walmart online once a month. Sarah went through the house to make a “master list” on the note app on her phone and she uses that to keep track of what needs to be purchased. Shopping online helps her stay on budget too by avoiding sales or distractions in the store!

Success and failure.
Finding a balance between being supporting and micro-managing her team is something Sarah is constantly aware of and something she feels she didn’t do well last year. But being aware of this and striving to meet her team’s needs is how she bounced back and her team is now thriving! Changing morale and encouraging interdepartmental communication was a BIG success! Let your team use their gifts!

Be encouraged!

Sarah’s final takeaways for us are:

  • Take care of yourself and do things that refresh you!
  • Do not be a slave to your children. Empower them to do things for themselves!
  • Choose your battles. (Let the Tupperware cabinet go!)
  • Have fun and soak up each moment!

For more about Sarah, check out this article in SF Woman Magazine (on pages 81-87)!

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