Goals to Finish, Part 3

Goals to Finish, Part 3

January 22, 2018

Join us for the final episode in this three-part podcast about goals and why setting your mindset BEFORE you start is so important. My brother-in-law, Nathan Scott, and my friend and business coach, Lauren Forsch, are here to talk through these key details so we can experience success in all areas of life!

What are your goals? 

What are your priorities? (For example: Lauren realized she was putting work over her physical health because she wanted to get the job done. In reality, working out and eating regularly made her better at her job!) 

Setting your mindset to achieve your goals is SO important! (Spiritual, mental, physical.)

Don’t forget to look back and reflect so you can center yourself to look forward. What things jump out at you when you reflect on the last few months? Year?

What are your strengths? Weaknesses?

If there is a cost involved in your goal, consider it an investment in yourself! (Gym membership, education class, bible study materials). 

Think about your life as a tank. What fills you up? What drains you?

Set up checkpoints or ways to document your success along the way. (This could mean an accountability partner, a reward system, or a written timeline.)

Set up a team for support! (Choose people who are best equipped to help encourage you and keep you grounded.) 

Daily discipline with goals is SO important (kind of like bathing)! Think of each day as a stepping stone toward your goal.

Be disciplined by setting aside specific time for growth. (Personal growth, professional growth, spiritual growth.) Grab your schedule and block out time to do this (whether it’s 30 minutes or 3 hours). 

You are full equipped to execute on your goals for 2018!

We got this Encouragers!