Goals to Finish, Part 1

Goals to Finish, Part 1

January 8, 2018

January is my FAVORITE month because it means goal setting and planning! My brother-in-law, Nathan Scott, and my friend and business coach, Lauren Forsch, are here to talk goals, motivation, and growth. Lots of people start this month with a lot of ambition and sometimes that dies out by February or maybe you hang in there until June! Join us for a three-part podcast to get you started off on the right foot!

Setting goals is easy but lots of people struggle to finish their goals and forget one of the most important steps… celebrating when you reach a goal! 

Values and Desires

Determining your core values and true desires can take time and dissection. Ask yourself these questions:

What do you most value? 

What brings you the most JOY?

Imagine there are NO BARRIERS… what would you do?


Throwing out BIG ideas can make you feel a lot of things… excited, scared, uncomfortable, anxious, fear of failure, etc. 

Figure out what fuels you, brings you joy, and find ways to do that more. 

As humans, we constantly seek to be comfortable but most of us feel the most alive when we push ourselves outside of our comfort zone! Lean into the discomfort and be amazed at the transformation that can take place!

We got this Encouragers!