Freezer Meals with Jessica Kelm-Owner of Just Sew Baby

Freezer Meals with Jessica Kelm-Owner of Just Sew Baby

We all have to eat, right? And we want to provide good food for our family but it can be tough to do it all and feel successful. One of my artisan friends, Jessica Kelm with Just Sew Baby, is here to help us ALL improve our food systems! She shares her amazing and easy hacks for how she makes freezer meals, all while sticking to a budget!

Here are Jessica’s methods, tips and supplies:

You need some freezer space to do this! Jessica recommends an upright freezer (check out scratch/dent sales if you end up needing to purchase one) or you can do this smaller scale in your refrigerator’s freezer as well.

Storage tubs/bins help keep things organized and in categories in both your refrigerator and freezer (group breakfast items, ice cream, fruit, vegetables, etc.)

Use recipes you know your family already loves.

Focus on 1 recipe per week and quadruple it so you have 1 to eat that night and 3 to freeze (if you do that once a week for 4 weeks, you’ll have 12 freezer meals for later).

Use disposable, Dollar Store tin foil pans in different sizes (9x11 or 9x14 cake style, be sure to pay attention to the depth, as some recipes require deeper pans or if you have a smaller family, you may be able to use 9x9 or loaf pan sizes.

  • Use Target brand heavy duty tin foil to cover pans
  • Use a Fine Point Sharpie Marker for labeling everything (off brands do not work as well and be sure to label the pan or tin foil before you put the food in!).
  • For crock pot meals, use Target Brand Gallon Freezer Baggies (double bag to ensure nothing leaks).
  • Freeze liquid items in a baggie on a cookie sheet so they freeze flat and store easily (this also helps contain leaks if they happen).
  • Jessica’s favorite stores to shop:
    • Costco (meat, bulk items)
    • Sam’s Club (French bread, hoagie buns)
    • Target (tin foil, baggies)
    • Aldi
    • HyVee
    • Dollar Store (for tin foil pans)

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