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Four Pillars of Optimal Health with Dr. Melanie Mullenmeister, Part 2

 April 20, 2020

Health can be an extremely overwhelming concept, especially with all of the fad diets and information available to us. Chiropractor and mom of three, Dr. Melanie Mullenmeister, joins us to break down this huge topic and discuss the four pillars of optimal health plus easy ways we can improve them!


Pillars 3 and 4 of Optimal Health (in particular order):  


  1. Movement

We’ve become an increasingly sedentary society and exercising or going to the gym can be an overwhelming or intimidating concept. Changing the word to “movement” sounds easier and more doable. Movement is important for circulation, lymphatic flow, and muscle function. Improving this can be as easy as parking further away from the store entrance or getting up from your desk chair and getting a drink of water. Set functional goals (running a 5k) instead of a time goal (30 minutes of exercise) so it’s more meaningful for you.


  1. Stress Resiliency

The idea of perfect balance in life really doesn’t exist so improving stress resiliency means learning how to hit the pause button on our emotions and looking into WHY we are feeling/reacting the way we are. Recognizing these feelings helps us identify the real reason behind it, let it go and move forward. Fear can be a big one and our minds/bodies are always looking for the next threat which invokes a huge stress response. Another way to improve in this area is to slow down. Take breaks throughout the day, rest when you need to, establish routines for your morning and evening that include things you enjoy. Other ideas: reading, breathing, meditating, journaling.


Make it easy on yourself and just focus on improving one pillar at a time! Dr. Melanie suggests starting with #1, since it affects the other 3 pillars and more, but do what’s best for you! Make small choices that will help you feel better.


Also, go back and listen to part 1 of this interview where we discuss pillars 1 and 2!


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