Four Pillars of Optimal Health with Dr. Melanie Mullenmeister, Part 1

Four Pillars of Optimal Health with Dr. Melanie Mullenmeister, Part 1

 April 13, 2020

Health can be an extremely overwhelming concept, especially with all of the fad diets and information available to us. Chiropractor and mom of three, Dr. Melanie Mullenmeister, joins us to break down this huge topic and discuss the four pillars of optimal health plus easy ways we can improve them!


Pillars 1 and 2 of Optimal Health (in particular order):  

  1. Sleep

Quality sleep affects EVERYTHING including mental health, physical health, energy levels, immune system function, decision making (especially around our food choices) and more. Adults need 7-8 hours and children need 8-10 hours. Improving this is as easy as going to bed earlier, reducing caffeine intake after noon, and limiting blue light exposure from TV/phones at least one hour before bed. You also have permission to take a nap!!


  1. Food

Making good food choices takes time and planning. Improving this is easy also… eat REAL food (which is usually found on the perimeter of the grocery store – fresh fruit, veggies, meat) and dedicate time to plan your meals and grocery shop in advance. Pay attention to your body and how it feels after you eat something. Then one choice at a time, try to make a better decision (eat a piece of fruit instead of a cookie). Sugar is a major stressor on the immune system so reducing sugar intake is a great way to help improve immune function.


Tune in next week for part 2 of this interview where we discuss pillars 3 and 4!


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