Four Must Hires In the Next Six Weeks

Four Must Hires In the Next Six Weeks

December 3, 2018

If you own a business, you’re already doing too much and probably spending more time working IN your business but not ON your business. I’m challenging you in the next six weeks to hire one of these four positions: executive assistant, website developer, marketing/social media person, or cleaning lady. And yes, I just gave you a deadline! Trust me… you’ll thank me later.  

In no particular order, here are the four positions that will help you most:

Executive Assistant

Hiring this position allowed me so much personal and professional growth!

Main job tasks: answering customer emails, ordering supplies, put together presentations, organize documents, manage schedule/appointments/travel arrangements, write meeting agenda notes, coordinate events with outside parties, manage internal staff and correspondence, organize and report sales goals, negotiate contracts with vendors/boutiques/suppliers, review customer service experiences and seek out ways to improve, monitor/screen/respond to and distribute incoming communications from your “info@” email address, assistant with counting inventory each month, coordinate project-based work.

You should hire this position if you are overwhelmed with incoming calls, emails, contracts, etc. and are not detail oriented. This position will allow you room to grow in your strengths (think leading and big picture stuff).

Website Operator

If you want to sell something in this day and age, you MUST have a website. (For more on this topic, check out this podcast episode.)  Now it’s time to hire it because managing a website requires more time than you will EVER have.

Main job tasks: be in charge of overall look and guidelines, upload/download all images and templates for your product, regularly update and edit pages, suggest changes to increase sales, identify “black holes” or broken links, buy URLs, set up landing pages, think through PDFs or “hooks” for your audience to want to sign up for your email list, coordinate with staff or photographers on what photos need to be taken to achieve the look you want, research changes in the industry that would increase sales, discuss progress made each week, maintain and rearrange all pages, links, uploads and updates.

You should hire this position if you have been saying you need a website for more than 1 year or your current website is a poor example of your awesome product/service and could generate enough income to cover this position. 

Marketing/Social Media Person

This position allows you to get off your phone and on to the “design board” or work on your big vision! You may think you know a lot about social media and what platforms are best, but what if you had someone fully concentrate on this while you worked on your product/service?

Main job tasks: manage all posts, updates, calendar events, and overall look you want to have in a consistent matter (think 3 posts per day with one quote, one pin, and one story at a certain time with data to analyze whether or not it’s working). They will know which posts get the most reach/clicks/income by studying patterns they set up. They will research new ways to market or update your services, set goals for sales on each platform and monitor progress, suggest videos, posts and events that would help with reach and sales. They serve as your “happy face” to customers and to the digital world for your business. They respond to all messages, notifications, and posts within your platforms (how much time would this save you?!?!).

You should hire this position if you are addicted to your phone and realize this job of posting and interaction will never end, ESPECIALLY if you don’t enjoy it. If you DO enjoy this part of your business, consider hiring for some but not all of it.

Cleaning Lady

Come on now… it’s time! This is the most affordable position of the four and if you’re just starting out, you can gain the most mental momentum and business growth because you can hyper focus when you know someone else is taking care of the Homefront. Then you can REALLY focus on your business. Think creatively… if you can’t swing the bill, can you trade with a girlfriend, hire a high schooler or home schooler, or just hire it done once or twice a month? It’s SO worth it!

Main job tasks: whatever you work out together! He or she could do the basics like dust, vacuum, take out the garbage. Or you can ask them to include washing the dishes, doing the laundry… whatever bothers you most and makes you feel the most relieved to have off of your plate. 

You should hire this position if you are distracted by dusty floors and a dirty house (especially if you run your business out of your home).


These four positions – no matter which one you choose – will change the way you accelerate or grow your business. Think through what is the most time consuming, which one drains you the most, or which one gives you the most joy when you think about letting it go?

Now, get to hiring!

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