Chapter 4 of Equipped to Execute

Chapter 4 of Equipped to Execute

July 17, 2017

Listen in as I read Chapter 4 of my book, “Equipped to Execute: Guiding Moms to Joyfully Impact Family and Business.” It’s all about goal setting, tracking goals, and getting some traction. Here we go!


Creating is actionable where dreaming is not. What were you created to do?


Have you confided in your circle of influence about your goals? If so, who did you tell and are they holding you accountable? If not, make a list of a few people you can share your goals with and reach out to them in the next 48 hours!


Do you celebrate when you reach a goal? If so, what did you do? If not, decide what you WILL do when you reach it!


Mompreneur goals need to take into account the boundaries you think your family and business can handle during your current season of life. What might be some things you need to consider? (For example: toddler bedtimes, spouse’s work hours, kids’ sports schedules, etc.)


If you are married, have you communicated your goals with your spouse? Make sure you are in agreement… having your spouse in your corner is key!


Do you have an advisor, coach, or mentor in your life who can help provide insight? If not, find someone!


Where will you track your goals? Find a legal pad or use a beautiful notebook… whatever works for you!

We got this Encouragers!