Celebrating Your Graduate with Tiffny Hagan

Celebrating Your Graduate with Tiffny Hagan

May 4, 2020

Wanting to create an extra special graduation gift for her daughter, Tiffny Hagan had the idea to create an amazing, personalized memory book that is part journal, part scrapbook and the Happy Thought Book was born!  The launch of these cherished living time capsules comes at a perfect time when we’re mourning the loss of graduation ceremonies and grasping for ways to properly recognize and honor the seniors in our lives!


Happy Thought Book Details:

  • Personalize your book cover
  • Select your add ons (like zipper pouches and card holders)
  • Intentionally remove the journal pages and send them to family and friends to offer their personal notes, advice and memories for the graduate
  • Add the pages back into the book
  • Fill zipper pouches and card holders with small gifts (like gift cards to favorite restaurants/stores), greeting cards, photos, recipes and other special items

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