Beating Screen Addiction in Kids and Showing Grace with Denita Dinger

Beating Screen Addiction in Kids and Showing Grace with Denita Dinger

March 26, 2018

Denita Dinger is back to talk to us about our addiction to screens and what we can do about the issue. Denita is the owner of Kaleidoscope Play School, education consultant, defender of play, and empower-er of teachers. Warning: this may make you uncomfortable because Denita is going to call us out about a few things but take heart, because she’s full of ideas and encouragement for us too!

As parents, we feel that our child’s behavior is magnified when we are in public. Tantrums seem worse, longer, and louder than they would if we were at home! Most of us fear how our kids are going to behave in public so we give them screens to make sure they act the way we want them to.

So, what can we do about it?

  1. Show grace, empathy and understanding. Most of all, we need to show this to each other as parents.
  2. Accept the fact that children are children. They aren’t perfect and won’t behave perfectly. That’s OK!
  3. Have realistic expectations for children. We have almost gone backwards to thinking that children should be seen and not heard. They shouldn’t be stifled with a screen.
  4. Hold off on giving your child a screen as LONG as you possibly can! With that said, don’t beat yourself up if you’ve already given in. Screens are SUPER addicting!

 How to beat the screen addiction:

  1. Figure out your child’s interests and include those activities in their day as much as possible.
  2. No screens (computer, tablet, phone, TV) for two weeks. (It takes 4-6 days to get used to it).
  3. Don’t give in! Your child will push the boundaries but it’s important not to reconsider the boundaries you set.
  4. Don’t fall into the trap of “I don’t know what else to get them for a gift except technology” or try to keep up with “what everyone else in their class has.”
  5. Put your own screen down and engage with your kids and those around you! There’s so little conversation between people out in public anymore!

We got this Encouragers!