If you want to be productive, automation almost has to be a part of your process. Automation is the process of making a process or system operate automatically. Automating your systems helps tame the chaos you may feel when trying to do “all the things.”

Examples of Automations in my 4 Systems

  • Me System
    • Every Tuesday night is my “self-care” night.
    • I apply a face mask when I’m running the water for my bath.
    • I listen to a book when I’m soaking in the tub.
    • I always read my affirmations after I read my Bible in the morning.
    • I always exercise to an audiobook or podcast.
    • I disable almost all notifications on my phone so they aren’t disruptive.
  • Food System
    • I add collagen powder to my tea and take my vitamins/supplements at the same time.
    • When I make casserole or bake, I always double the recipe and freeze the second batch.
    • I always bring the same food items to my family or friend events!
  • Family System
    • Sundays are a day for rest and time together as a family.
    • Playdates must involve everyone!
    • All appointments are scheduled for Wednesdays, when I block off time to run errands.
    • I always pray in the car before we listen to anything (and my kids KNOW this).
    • I always call my sister when I’m folding my laundry (it helps me look forward to the task)!
  • Work System
    • I treat myself to tea when I’m out running errands on Wednesday mornings.
    • I immediately break projects down into smaller steps or phases.
    • I check my daily agenda sheet first thing every morning and I do my tasks first and I check email at 11 am and 1pm every day so I don’t feel tied to my computer.
    • I send a coffee gift card for staff birthdays (I bulk buy birthday cards and gift cards, so I always have them on hand).
    • I always listen to a book or podcast when I am traveling in the car. 

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