An Annual Retreat

An Annual Retreat

At the start of each new year, I go on my annual retreat. I look forward to this time a ton! If you start this tradition as well, you’ll gain SO much momentum and head into the new year with clarity, focus and a renewed sense of purpose!



We need to take quiet time to review and reflect on the previous year.



  • The only rule is, you cannot have this at home!
  • I recommend a hotel or home rental.
  • I recommend you spend time traveling there so you have time to think.
  • It should be 2-3 days in length. You should go alone (for at least one full day).



  • Writing utensils (pens, pencils, highlighters)
  • Poster boards or loose paper (get 12, enough for 1 per month)
  • Sticky Notes
  • Bible
  • Journal
  • Previous year items (calendar, business documents, etc.)



  • Wake up early (you can nap later)
  • Exercise
  • Consider fasting (not eating but still drinking water) for a portion of it
  • Eat healthy foods
  • Write a prayer for each of your kids
  • Write a prayer for your spouse
  • Write a prayer for yourself
  • Write a prayer for your marriage
  • Select some affirmations


If you own a business:

  • Website comb-through
  • Weekly agenda edits (for more and a free resource, click here!)
  • Design edits to products/services or upgrades to your business
  • Map out your CEO work
  • Consider developing your “extras” (volunteering, etc.)
  • Write company/staff prayer
  • Select a word for the year (for your business)
  • Map out your Marketing/Promotion calendar (for more, click here!)
    • Approve/fill in the first quarter (12 weeks) at minimum
  • Travel list (art shows, booth events, etc.)
  • Set annual goals
    • Chat with your accountant/bookkeeper
    • Chat with your marketing/social media person (or other staff)
  • Review reports and make necessary changes
  • Go over my 3-5 year plan (DREAM BIG!)
  • Brain dump ideas (think monthly holidays, supplies, etc.)
    • Categorize them into themes


For Personal Use:

  • Select a word for the year
  • Set personal annual goals
  • Food System edits (for more, click here!)
  • Take time to worship
  • Clean and organize your phone apps
  • Clean out pictures and videos from your phone


Execution Plan:

  • Allow yourself time to implement your plans
  • Talk to someone about what you learned and have planned (staff, family, etc.)
  • Key Decisions podcast (listen here!)


Your Next Steps:

We got this Encouragers!