Agreements & Undoing Your Habits

Agreements & Undoing Your Habits

March 25, 2019

An agreement is something you’ve told yourself that you now accept as truth... But it may not necessarily be true! AND it may be harming your subconscious. I want to challenge these truths and teach you how to recognize them, how to replace them, and how to take steps to make the new agreement true.

The first step in reversing agreements or truths is recognizing them. This part is crucial and can be difficult, as we are trying to un-do possibly decades of negativity that either we or someone else has planted within our hearts and minds.

Watch for words like:
“I am/am not.”
“I can/can’t.”
“I will/won’t.”
“I do/don’t.”

Write down your top 3 “agreements.”
Write down a NEW agreement.
Then plan 3 actionable steps to reverse the original agreement/truth. 

Here are some examples:
Original agreement: “I am bad at math.”
New agreement: “I am capable with my calculator and Excel spreadsheet.”
Action Steps:

  1. Watch a YouTube video on basic math skills for business/life.
  2. Take a course on input and output for business.
  3. Learn 5 functions in Excel

Original agreement: “I am unorganized.”
New agreement: “I am organized.”
Action Steps:

  1. Block 1 day to organize your desk.
  2. Take an organizing course.
  3. Help organize something for someone else.

Original agreement: “I am a procrastinator.”
New agreement: “I will plan accordingly.”
Action Steps:

  1. Get a “procrastinating buddy” and help hold each other accountable.
  2. Reward yourself for a month (or a week) of not procrastinating.
  3. Buy yourself a planner or print a calendar and give yourself enough time (3+ hours) to write everything out and plan ahead!

Affirmations are short, powerful statements that you say (preferably out loud) that spark change in your life. They can be used to eliminate something from your life or help create something new in your life! Affirmations are used to consciously control your thoughts and will be a BIG HELP in reaffirming your new agreements! 
“I value my work.”
“I am worth every penny I charge for my work.”
“I can do this.”
“I am good at math.”
“I am organized.”

I highly recommend googling affirmations and selecting ones that really speak to you.

Print them off and say them out loud once a day. To make these EXTRA powerful, say them to yourself in the mirror! You will feel silly but TRUST ME… it’s powerful and it works!

Don’t limit yourself by believing these agreements!
Use the power within you to make positive changes and reverse these false truths.
Commit to working on this for 30 days (or longer)… whatever it takes! 

We got this Encouragers!