2020 Reflect and Review

2020 Reflect and Review


Normally January is about goal setting and looking ahead… but before we do that this year, I think we should all spend time reflecting on 2020. Ask yourself some important questions and really examine the past 12 months before you look forward and decide what you want for yourself, your family and your business in the new year.

2020 Reflection Guide:

  • Set aside and schedule ONE FULL HOUR to do this
  • Write the answers to these questions:
    • Best moments?
    • Worst moments?
    • Top 2 to 3 highlights?
    • Most profitable decisions?
    • Best month and why?
    • Most rewarding moment(s)?
    • What books did I read?
    • What podcasts did I listen to?
    • What courses did I take?
    • Where do I store fear?
    • Where do I store joy?
  • Download the Year End Reflection Guide

Your Next Steps:

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