100 Things I have Learned, Used, and Loved

100 Things I have Learned, Used, and Loved

April 16, 2018

I am SO thrilled to be bringing you the 100th episode of The Encourager podcast! Thank you for listening and allowing me in to your life! I started this podcast because I have a special heart for moms and entrepreneurs and it’s grown far beyond that audience… for that I thank you! Today, I’m going to review the last 100 episodes and give you a list (of not quite 100 things) that I have learned, loved and used to help me succeed.


7. Laundry System on Mondays
8. Minimalism (for more information, I highly recommend this book)
9. Having the toy room next to my workspace
10. Having a “where” to do my work
11. Exercise early
12. Prepping for meals at 7:30 am
13. Journaling on Thursdays 

Favorite Pairings

14. 7:30 am food prep
15. Podcasts/audio books during drive time
16. Gratitude and slippers
17. No cell phone on the couch 


18. “It is finished.”
19. “I am fit.”
20. “I am ready.”
21. “It is what I make it.”
22. “Play the guide.”
23. “Kind, humble and honest.” 

Best Business Tips

24. It is what I make it.
25. Dress the part.
26. Must be win/win.
27. God has a plan for good!
28. I will operate in my zone of genius (from the book The Big Leap)
29. Stay true to my vision.
30. Know your numbers!
31. I am worthy. 

Best pivotal moments

32. Catalog mistake
33. Stopping home trunk shows
34. Vision board moment (deciding I could be the nation’s largest custom handmade business)
35. Facebook live about building a barn studio
36. Hiring the help I needed and doing the hard thing to receive the good thing
37. Analogy of Moses 

Team Building Skills

38. Two-day life clause
39. Sprinkles gifts
40. Follow up emails to conversations with employees (for documentation, encouragement and clarity) 

Most Downloaded Episodes

41. Episode 3-73: Minimalism with Joshua Becker: Part 1
42. Episode 2-56: Marriage that Sizzles or Fizzles with Nick Scott
43. Episode 3-84: The Spousal Business Meeting with Nick Scott 

Okay! Not quite 100 things but every single one of these means so much to me! Do you have more to add to this list? Please let us know on our Facebook Page!

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Thanks Encouragers!
We got this!