Root Yourself in Hope with guest Rebecca Undem

Root Yourself in Hope with guest Rebecca Undem


When you experience fear and uncertainty, do you put down your “roots” in fear? Or are you intentional about putting down roots into hope? Return guest, Rebecca Undem, joins me to talk through this subject and what it’s meant for her and her non-profit work.

How to root yourself in hope:

  • Plant seeds… they may not grow for years but keep planting!
  • Define “failure” and be open-minded about what you’ve learned in the process.
  • When you’re uncomfortable, reframe it as growth.
  • Learning comes from taking action!
  • Give yourself permission to BE YOURSELF!
  • Allow for change to keep your momentum going.
  • Don’t think of “no” as an absolute… but rather a way to try something new!
  • Focus on the things you CAN do… not on the things outside of your control.
  • You will never regret having hope!

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