Parenting 101

Parenting 101


Parenting can be so difficult… but it doesn’t need to be as challenging as we can make it in our heads. And believe me, I am no expert on parenting… I’m in the thick of it myself with my four kiddos! I’ve always found it to be helpful to share resources that have worked well and are currently working for my family.

My Parenting Advice:  

  • Affirm yourself and your parenting
    • “Being with my kids is productive.”
  • Read and learn as much as possible!
  • Be quick to encourage, not discourage
  • Don’t be a “lawnmower mom” – let them fail… and fail often while under your roof
    • Stop rescuing them - support and encourage instead
  • For girls:
    • compliment their attitude and character, not their looks and body
    • find out where emotions manifest in them and point this out so they can be more self-aware
  • For boys: 
    • Use the words “honor” and “respect” as frequently as possible
  • Learn the specific love languages of each child.

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