How $100 Changed a Dangerous Culture

How $100 Changed a Dangerous Culture

I was introduced to Threads of Hope at an art show in Fargo, North Dakota. The weather at the time was miserable and the bright, vibrant colors coming from the Threads of Hope booth were a much needed beam of light in the darkness!

Then I started talking to Alex, the founder, and immediately fell in love with his generous spirit and wonderful mission... to help create a better future for children in the Philippines by providing work for those who are sometimes forced into desperate situations to meet the basic needs for their family.

Please listen to this amazing story of God's provision through a $100 gift and how you can help change the world by partnering with Threads of Hope... for the cost of a beautifully handmade $5 bracelet!

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If you, your school, your church or any other organization you're a part of are in need of a fundraising project, PLEASE consider contacting Threads of Hope!