Encourager Membership Group

Encourager Membership Group

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Encourager Mastermind Group includes:
  • A monthly one-hour zoom webinar with Rebekah on topics you need to gain order and clarity.
  • Exclusive access to our private Facebook group and the ability to join the monthly Facebook Live Q&A Event with Rebekah.
  • Encouragement from Rebekah, other course participants and previous course graduates!
  • A FREE digital copy of my book "Equipped to Execute: Guiding Moms to Joyfully Impact Family and Business."

The membership is $30 per month. 

  • August 14 - Food System
  • September 11 - Work System
  • October 9 - Family System
  • November 13 - Mindset
  • December 11 - Daily Agenda Sheet
  • January 15 - Goal Planning 


  • Being in the Encourager Mastermind group for the last four+ months has been inspiring and helpful to hear how others run their business and the struggles and successes they encounter. Rebekah really gets you to pay attention to how you are spending your time on both your home life and your business. She rallies next to you, helps to bring focus to your goals, and where you want to take them. 

- Emily Pearson, Pears On Print

  • I’m so glad I decided to join The Encourager coaching group with Rebekah Scott! We are only halfway through our time together and I’m already seeing progress and clarity within my business and systems! Bekah radiates positivity and her enthusiasm is contagious! I leave every session feeling encouraged, empowered and the “I got this” spirit Bekah always talks about in her podcast. I am feeling so blessed to have had this opportunity and I cannot wait to continue this journey in our group!               

-Lauren Moran, The Rustic Honey Boutique

  • When I started the encourager course, I had no idea the impact it would have on business. I’ve see huge growth in my business these last few months as I’ve been able to feel more confident and focused in the direction I want my business to go! Rebekah has an amazing skill of refining the best qualities of you to better yourself as the business owner and all around visionary. I would highly recommend this group to those just starting up a business or one who’s established. There is something for every one!

-Anna Weinstein, The White Poppy Boutique


  • The Encourager Mastermind group came in to my life at the exact right moment. I was in the middle stages of expanding my mobile and online boutique into a brick and mortar location. I was excited, knew it was the right thing to do, but feelings of self doubt were crowding my thoughts and I began to doubt all of my decisions. Because of building the store, I had been more absent from my family and was also having a hard time balancing all the roles in my life. I was at a point where I needed help! I am so happy that God placed the opportunity to join The Encourager Mastermind group in front of me. This group has helped me in more ways than I can fully express. The leadership that Rebekah has provided with this group has been amazing. She helps lead us to come up with systems, and processes that make sense for US in our lives and put them into practice. These systems and processes are not only for our businesses but also for our lives and families. Besides learning and working to develop these systems, we are held accountable to them by the group and our monthly meetings. Perhaps the absolute greatest thing about this group is the community of similar minded women that I am surrounded by. The encouragement, support, prayers, and energy received and given within this group is absolutely priceless. Navigating this journey of motherhood and entrepreneurship is hard, not many understand what you are going through. Because of this, it is such a blessing to have a group of women to chat with about all of these things, cheer you on, and share in your struggles and wins. 

-Chrystal Rothenberger, The Paisley Pod Boutique